Meet Our Team of Dedicated Consumer Law Attorneys

Attorney Ronald Frederick

Attorney Ronald Frederick officially launched his consumer law practice in 1997 to protect and defend consumers who are taken advantage of in fraudulent businesses. He has represented clients against banks, ...
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Attorney Michael L. Berler

For nearly eight years, Attorney Michael L. Berler has worked with Mr. Frederick as class co-counsel in several dozen cases. He has been integrally involved in our firm's largest cases, ...
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Attorney Michael L. Fine

Attorney Michael L. Fine is a service-oriented professional, educator, and advisor. Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Michael received his Juris Doctor, summa cum laude, from Southwestern University School of Law. ...
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Attorney Jacquelyn S. Frederick

Attorney Jacquelyn S. Frederick began her career in government and public service working for the Governor’s Office of Arizona. She worked first as a Media Specialist then as Director of ...
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